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Seaford Angling Club
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               2017-18 Season                                      For your

Membership form 

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With memberships now due please remember to send in a passport photo along with a SAE 


We are now on facebook, to join in ask to be a friend and add your membership number,MEMBERS ONLY.

So come on in and have a chat


The membership is nearly full, if you know of anyone who wants to join they should do it quick, as soon as we reach our limit persons wishing to join will be put on a waiting list for next season.

With the news breaking from Swanbough our advice at this time to members of the best way of contaning the possible outbreak is DO NOT FISH SWANBOUGH at the moment.  Please after fishing anywhere wash your nets and air dry them outside, the best way of killing the virus 100% is UV so completely DRY nets, slings, mats etc outside........job done.

Also guest permits have been put on hold until further notice.


We have brought a new padlock for Leabridge and it has 5 digits not 4 so put a 0 in front of the 4 numbers on your card  i.e.; 0xxxx

Please note note that Chris the former Head baliff, now plays NO part in the upkeeping or dealing with any issues at any of Seaford angling clubs waters,

Any problems, concerns or questions should be directed to the Head baliff Paul on 0796 2127483. 

                    Seaford Angling Club

Here are our two main waters, in the foreground is the Old river, in the background is Piddinghoe Lake.

Seaford Angling Club, is a small but friendly fishing club in East Sussex that has a mix of still waters and rivers catering for all types of angling, with regular well attended matches.



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